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Agrandir le planMy first bully came home in 1997. Today two of them are living at home with us and we decided to breed our first litter in 2006. This was a big decision and it took time to organize everything; but now we’re ready and the puppies are coming. We’re living in France (Moselle) just next to the german Board.This is in year 1994 that I met my first bull terrier. This was some breeder’s bitch who was the neighbour of the stables where my own horses where standing at that time. I found in love with their character and behaviour before to learn to love their physical appearance which just shows perfectly what a bully is. We were just a perfect match.

During these 3 years I started taking care of the dog of a friend of mine. We were hanging a lot together, riding, going on competition so I had to take a look at the dog while his owner was busy, riding or so. After this experience another friend went on trip and that’s naturally that I took his bully trico bitch at my place for the time he was not there. And then one day, the 14th  of July 1997, I took Narco home. He was bred from a horse breeder.



On this website we would like to let you know more about bully, especially ours of course and maybe introduce you our puppies, which could someday join you and lye on your couch.. why not?






We’ve been really willing to do our first litter in the best way we could, so we started (and ended) some processes :

-          A kennel name was registered to the FCI (xpected was born, showing our state of mind)

-          We joined the French Bull Terrier Club (CFABAS)



-           We attended to a 3-days-workshop about breeding issues (laws, disease, reproduction, nutrition…) provided by two vets from the national veterinary school in Paris. These was very intense and interesting. This workshop was ended with some exam that we passed with success



-          We used to go on shows with Evora. This is always a perfect occasion to meet other Bully Fans: owners, breeders and a good occasion to share our experiences.



-          Our bitch, Evora, has been kidney, patella, UPC tested and declared cleared from any diseases. The results are available on demand or on this site




-          The Studdog was chosen because of his complementarities with Evora: morphological and from the bloodlines. The character was an important aspect of the choice we made as we want puppies which are good “home dogs” before everything else. Last but not least it was essential to me to have a studdog who was tested too. (Kidney, patella, heart, Hearing, UPC)


Our dogs belong to our daily lifes. They’re living at our place, inside with us and not in kennels. They share our day-to-day existence and we do as much activities as we can with them: Agility Club, Obedience, Field tracking, or just having a walk in the forest, go biking. They’re used to hang around the horses and even our neighbour’s cats.We will always be so happy to answer your question, so do not hesitate to contact us: xpected.bullterrier@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting us, 

Sophie et Grégory